About Cotton Candy Eyelashes

My husband Stephen & I have always wanted a daughter but God blessed us with 2 sons. Cotton Candy Eyelashes brings us great joy in knowing we can share this with our 5 nieces who we look at as our daughters.

All Lashes are not created equally. Our goal is to give you the fluffiest & softest CRUELTY FREE Siberian 3D & 5D mink lashes at an affordable price. Not only in dramatic styles but natural styles as well. Our lashes can be used multiple times if properly taken care of. Lashes are 100% handmade may result in slight variations with each lash. 


 Created for everyone who desires the look  & feel of lash extensions and may not be a candidate or simply doesn’t have the time to get eyelash extensions. Keke created Cotton Candy Eyelashes with the desire to share her love of false eyelashes with the world as she has done on her YouTube channel Youtube.com/MRSDIVALIKE  for years.


Ingredients: Sugar, Certified Luxury & No Artificial Flavor

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